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Hi, my name is Sophia and I am flattered and thrilled you are here.

Fun and adventurous, my every movement is adorned with a ‘joie du vivre’. Having an insatiable love for seduction, sensuality, laughter, good humor, intellect and kindness; I have a positive and philosophical outlook on life. Every moment in life is worthy of experiencing to it’s most vibrant capacity. I am here to remind you of the spark of life.

I’m a highly-educated lover of the arts and enjoy talking about the world and all its offering. Cultured in my awareness – I like the companionship of an intelligent gentleman, who isn’t afraid of a new experience and spontaneous adventure. My seductive, sensual silhouette and vibrant yet refined attitude define me as a confident and alluring woman. I am a blend of beauty, intellect, outstanding spirit, dazzling charisma, high integrity, solid character and exceptional talent in the arts of romance, hedonism and seduction.

Traveling is my greatest hobby and pleasure. If you would like to create an adventure with me, please click here.  Time is a luxury and a pleasure that I seek to fill with nothing more than enjoyment and pleasure. Maybe I am an escapist, maybe just a wild woman in a demure package, whatever it may be, I want to make my time with you filled with a whirlwind of excitement.

I cannot wait to connect with you for a journey we will never forget.

Passionately yours,





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My Contours

I am the desire, the adventure, and the mystery you will want to explore. I will surprise you every time we meet and keep you longing for more. When you are with me, you will enjoy getting lost in pleasure and excitement. Our adventure will be so thrilling you will not want it to end.

My Dreams

I enjoy living in a world of beauty and sensuality. Seeing and appreciating the wonder and magic of every moment of every day is truly a gift. My dream is to make that gift meaningful and that means sharing it with you. Be part of my dream and see the world through my eyes.

My Beauty

I am more than meets the eye. Spend time with me and look me in the eyes. Dance through the night with me, exchange secret glances, and get lost in passion. Get lost with me on the most sensual journey. My intellect and worldly experiences compliment my beauty. A graduate degree and experience in the corporate world allows me to blend effortlessly and seamlessly into your world, while my numerous, adventurous travels overseas make for quite interesting dinner conversation.


Alluring Sophia Luxury Companion Salt Lake City, Escort Park City




When you schedule with me you can expect to meet “Sophia – the woman in the photos” I provide a unique, very personal experience. I want nothing less than to satisfy and make you feel like a King. We both have expectations about our moment together. I ask that you read my website in its entirety prior to requesting an appointment with me.


Email/Text Versus Phone – I communicate exclusively via email and do not give out my phone number until after we have set an appointment, but prefer to text to coordinate. I ask that you only use my phone number for texting upon arrival at your appointment time.

Scheduling/Screening – After I have received the requested information, I will screen and schedule an appointment. You will hear from me directly (via email or text) to chat about our upcoming date, outfit requests, preferences, etc.

No Response – If I have not responded to you within 24 hours of your inquiry, there is a good reason. It is likely that your email or submission was explicit, vague, missing information. If you think it is possible that the information you initially provided to me may have been too brief or that it was lost in cyberspace, I invite you to resubmit all the information that I have asked for. Please keep in mind that I will immediately delete emails that use explicit or offensive language or discuss illegal activities.


Consideration must be presented within the first five minutes of our date. Prior to our time, I will send you an email.

Fantasy Reviews

I do have a “No Review” policy. I am a very private person, as I know that you are. Please refrain from divulging personally identifying information about me that I may have told you in confidence, whether in a review or on a message board.



Screening is Required for all new Friends

Being treated well, with kindness and respect, goes a long way towards having a great time and results in a successful and uncomplicated relationship. Showing your respect in your manners and behaviors, as well as following all proper etiquette, will allow us to enjoy more adventures in the future.  Established and much cherished friends are always welcome to e-mail me at anytime, I simply love hearing from you.

Cherished, established friends: If it has been more than 6 months since we last seen each other, email me with the name of 2 references you have seen in the last 6 months.

Etiquette & Policy – please read this page carefully as I do strictly enforce it.

ID Check – Depending on the form of screening please be comfortable with the fact that I may require to verify your Drivers License. I am extremely discreet and you can be sure that all information is held in the strictest confidence.

Handles, Reviews, Whitelist – Discussion-board handles and/or whitelists and/or your own blog are not screening methods. These are tools to help me screen and verify you to my satisfaction. Providing me with information to help me to be comfortable meeting you is greatly appreciated and will not go unappreciated.

Communication – If you find your are not receiving a response from me, it could be for one of the following reasons below (I will respond within 24hrs).

Excellent Personal Hygiene – You can always expect me to be impeccably groomed and freshly showered. Hygiene is extremely important to me, and I can assure you that your extra attention in this area will not go unappreciated. It’s suggested that you shower/ freshen up upon arrival, shave (I love a smooth face). A woman loves a man who smells nice and has wonderful breath. It will insure a flawless meeting.

Being a Gentleman is Super Sexy! – (As is being a lady.) Real men (or women, for that matter) don’t need to be aggressive in nature. Forceful or aggressive behavior towards me during our engagement will simply not be tolerated.

I feel these should be all “common knowledge” but sometimes it does need to be spelled out for those who might be new to the fun. I’m very much looking forward to our exploration and enjoyment of time well spent. Finally, I have a NO review policy.

Thank you for your time,



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What kind of services to you provide?

Use of Acronyms, (i.e. abc......) nationalities, etc

Can I make an Outfit request?

Can you screen me in person?

Do you allow photos or video during your meetings?

Can I bring wine or champagne for our date?




A request for an appointment is simply a request until you receive my email confirmation.  I reserve the right to decline requests due to my schedule or based on perceived lack of compatibility.

As a low volume provider, I am very selective about the company I keep. My cherished friends appreciate that.


Many factors constitute a successful meeting, screening for safety is only one, but one of the biggest ones is Chemistry. Ideally “the romantic spark” that ignites complex desire mere words cannot express but, what comes to mind, good personal hygiene, you are cleanly shaven (as stubble hurts) and fresh breath, all other things will take care of itself.

I have included specifics about my personality, physical appearance and expectations throughout my website. Please take the time to browse each page to become familiar with me. My friends are gentlemen over the age of 35. My other requirements are that you are respectful, kind and well groomed.


By contacting me you agree to be discreet and keep the details of my location and of our time together private.


I prefer that you submit your information via my secure email at


My website calendar is always up to date with my availability at least a month in advance. Please take a look before requesting a date or emailing me questions regarding my availability.


My Wish List

Gifts are a Joy but never Expected.

That being said, I do like presents – I am a woman after all! But it’s difficult to buy for someone you don’t know very well. This page is here to assist gents who choose to bring me a gift. There is no particular order here…just random musings on things I like. REMEMBER – a gift is not expected. I put this page up because I am often asked about the things I like.

Shoe Size = USA: 7 | European 38
Lingerie. Bra 34D/ Small

Drinks. I love red wine and Moet & Chandon is always a nice treat for a champagne.
I love gift cards to get manicures/pedicures and spa days. American express gift cards are wonderful for those little gifts.
Amazon gift cards get me wonderful treats as well.
I love gadgets from Apple, and are always an excellent choice for gift cards!
A few of my favorite clothes stores are Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

Beautiful lingerie sets from La Perla and Agent Provocateur are my favorites. I like Wolford for their stockings…….Victoria’s Secret is always fun too!

I love shoes and really love to model them for you! I have beautiful feet so a beautiful shoe just makes them even sexier! Some of my favorite designers are Giuseppe Zanotti, YSL, Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Fendi and Brian Atwood. I can always find shoes at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue or Nordstrom … bring it on! Shoes are ALWAYS a joy!

I practice yoga and an extensive amount of outdoor sports. I LOVE Lululemon, Sports Authority and REI.


Alluring Sophia Luxury Companion Salt Lake City, Escort Park City



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