The best way to guarantee we get started on the right foot is what you’re doing right now 😉 Reading my website in its entirety to familiarize yourself with my requirements and preferences, to ensure we’re a good match.

We will communicate exclusively through email until we have set an appointment, after which time I prefer to coordinate your arrival via text. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. If you do not receive a reply within this time it may be because you did not include all required information. Feel free to reach out to submit another request.

Without exception, screening is required for all new friends. I may require you to verify your Drivers License for further verification. Once screening is completed and our date is scheduled, I will contact you by email or text to finalize the details of our date and discuss any outfit requests, preferences, etc.

Please take care of the Honorarium promptly at the start of our date, preferably in an envelope, gift bag or card, left in plain sight. If you’re having an amazing time and wish to extend a date, be prepared to present the additional Honorarium before we proceed.

I am a very discreet person with a strict no-review policy. I must ask that you keep our private time between us, and refrain from discussing me and our time together on any review or message boards.

As a gentleman, I’m sure you already know to avoid any crass language or behavior. Just a reminder that I am a lady first and foremost, and rude or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated in any form.

I enjoy and get along with personalities of all types, but my ideal suitor is over 35, kind and respectful, sincere, generous, considerate, and of course meticulously well-groomed from head to toe, including being clean-shaven. I’m not a fan of stubble, so I assure you, the smoother you are, the more I’ll enjoy cuddling with you.

I will always arrive for our date with minty fresh breath and freshly showered, ready for fun! I ask the same of you and stocked facilities will be available for you freshen up again upon arrival.

As someone with a busy lifestyle, I understand that things happen and schedules can change unexpectedly. If something comes up that will prevent you from keeping our date, letting me know at least 24 hours in advance is greatly appreciated. For anything less than 24 hours, I’m sure a gentleman would know to cover the full amount for our cancelled date before we can discuss rescheduling for another time.